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About Adam Groffman

Who is Adam?

Adam Groffman is a seasoned publishing professional with a comprehensive skill set in digital marketing, content strategy, SEO, tourism marketing, and project management.

Adam’s professional journey is defined by an entrepreneurial pursuit of excellence, a passion for diversity and inclusion, and a knack for turning content challenges into opportunities. With expertise in off-site & technical SEO, creative content marketing, PR, and storytelling, Adam Groffman continues to make a significant impact in the ever-evolving publishing landscape.

Adam Groffman in an art museum

My Career Background

I started my career in publishing early—in high school, actually. For over 5 years through high school and college, I was a bookseller at Barnes & Noble bookstores in both Texas and Boston. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked in just about every stage of publishing—as a content strategist, writer, editor, typographer (seriously!), page/print designer, cover designer, social media marketer, SEO, book event planner, self-publisher, PR, and bookseller.

After graduating from Boston University with a B.S. in Communication (and a focus in Advertising/Mass Media Marketing), I started my career as a book designer at Pearson Education. There, I eventually became the Lead Designer on a series of middle school science textbooks—responsible for multiple facets of book production including design, typography, art direction, photo selection, and cross-team collaboration with both editorial and marketing to drive regional sales.

Three years working as a graphic designer, and the Great Recession, led me to take a pre-planned gap year where I spent 15 months traveling around the world. That’s a story in and of itself, which I’ve recapped here. My amateur travel blog and foray into social media marketing myself as my own brand led me into the world of digital publishing and eventually post-grad internships in (1) marketing for a pro-peace NGO in Tel Aviv (where I was responsible for email & social marketing + content writing) and (2) an SEO link-building internship at a fast-paced tech startup in Berlin.

While learning the ins and outs of digital publishing and SEO, I eventually started my own agency where I worked as an SEO consultant for small and large travel companies—most notably Eating Europe Food Tours where, over 5+ years, I helped develop and oversaw the marketing strategy that launched the brand from a once-a-day walking tour in a singular neighborhood in Rome to one of Europe’s largest culinary travel brands.

Adam Groffman in NYC

Living abroad for nearly 7 years in Europe as a digital marketing & SEO consultant opened up my world and allowed me to work with a wide variety of travel & tourism brands. In addition to submitting marketing proposals and winning work with a mix of brands and government agencies (many CVBs and DMOs), I also worked as a travel influencer for my own brand—making a name for myself as one of the most prolific LGBTQ travel writers and influencers.

Not only working for myself, I also facilitated content marketing and social media influencer campaigns for major brands, supporting product launches and business entrances into the German market. All the while pitching, writing, and winning photography projects for major international publications in Germany, the UK, and the US.

In 2018, I moved to Brooklyn, NY to be more involved in the American travel media landscape and work more closely with destination marketing organizations in New York City. Successfully running my travel marketing agency in NYC further advanced my career into the 2020 pandemic, when the tourism industry saw a major shakeup.

In 2020, I transitioned my work outside of just travel & lifestyle, and worked as a Content Marketing Manager at a video player tech startup. On a small marketing team of just 4 people, and reporting directly to the COO, I was responsible for substantial increase in MQLs for the sales team and a big push in content development including 20+ case studies which are still used by the company today as a lead generation funnel.

My Publishing Career Today

I’m extremely passionate about publishing. Since 2022, I work at Dotdash Meredith—one of the world’s largest publishers. I lead a team of 5 contractors (plus seasonal college interns) and solely run the company’s outreach marketing. I’m responsible for outreach marketing across multiple verticals and brands, including People magazine, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, The Spruce, Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living, The Spruce Eats, Verywell, Byrdie, Brides, and others.

For more information about my current work at Dotdash Meredith, please reach out to me on LinkedIn.

My Professional Skills

Strategic Outreach and Relationship Management

My ability to strategically drive outreach initiatives and manage relationships stands out prominently. My role as Outreach Marketing Director at Dotdash Meredith involves generating substantial profit and page sessions through coordinated outreach, link-building, and digital PR. I’m responsible for negotiating with external brands and Fortune 500 companies to extend the reach of editorial content to maintain and extend important strategic business relationships.

Content Marketing and Lead Generation

As Content Marketing Manager at JW Player, I significantly increased Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) from online collateral by an impressive 1,397% YoY, contributing to a total contract value exceeding $200k. My proficiency in brainstorming, editing, and promoting B2B content (blogs, industry white papers, lead gen magnets, and case studies), coupled with my strategic collaboration with cross-functional teams (product, sales enablement, and executive leadership), highlights my expertise in content marketing and its direct impact on lead generation.

Innovation, Organization, and Project Management

My work as a digital marketing consultant in the travel & tourism industry involved continuous conceptualization, development, and pitching of business proposals for Fortune 500 brands & government agencies. Additionally, my use of AI to create internal Javascript tools reflects my commitment to leveraging new technology for efficiency and results. Combined with my project management skills, I offer a holistic approach to driving success through innovation and purposeful project execution.